Cook 8 grilled cheese! Make breakfast for the whole family! Cooking just became easier, cleaner, and more convenient. The Friddle combines a premium non-stick cooking surface with consistent heat distribution. On the stovetop, in the oven, on the BBQ, over the campfire; the Friddle is perfect for all your cooking needs. The Friddle is easy to use and easy to clean!
For Stovetops, Ovens, BBQs & Campfires
Durable & Long Lasting
Made in Canada


What’s a Friddle?
Made and distributed in Kingston Ontario, the Friddle is made of 5 lbs of high-quality copper bearing aluminum which distributes heat evenly across the 21 ½” x 11 ½” cooking surface. With the premium non-stick coating food does not stick, and cleaning is easy with just a damp cloth. The Friddle is a long-lasting necessity in every kitchen!

The large non-stick surface allows you to cook any type of food, all at once, with little clean-up. Pancakes, quesadillas, cookies, grilled cheese, bacon & eggs, stir fry; everything is easier and faster on the Friddle!


  • On the Stove   Covering 2 burners, the Friddle works on all stoves; gas, electric and glass top.

  • In the Oven   Fitting in any standard oven, the Friddle works perfectly as a baking sheet.

  • On the BBQ   Fits on barbeques for outdoor cooking. Great for those large cottage breakfasts!

  • Over the Campfire   Take it camping and cook all of your meals over the campfire.

  • On the Counter   Watch frozen foods defrost quickly, without added heat, as the Friddle absorbs the cold and spreads it over the 258 square inch surface.

  • In the Sink   Once cooled down, the Friddle can be wiped clean with just a damp cloth.

Solves all Your Cooking Needs!
Families have been using the Friddle for 3 generations. It makes cooking fast, clean, and efficient. Finally a solution for cooking for large groups where the cook can enjoy the meal as well. Plus it's Canadian! Time to get your Friddle on!