Our History

The Friddle was invented, manufactured and sold in Kingston in 1968 by Kingston's own metal fabricator Arthur Graves.

Art's wife Shirley got "sick and tired" of cooking breakfast for the half dozen people at the Graves' household. It wasn't the cooking that Shirley hated, but that she didn't have a frying pan big enough to handle the job all at once.

Shirley wanted to enjoy breakfast with her family and Art was given the task of finding the answer. A few mornings later down at Art's shop – Graves Brothers on Railway Street - the rectangular aluminum frying pan that made use of two stove burners was his answer! It worked like a charm; Shirley was finally able to enjoy meals with her family, instead of spending meal time over the stove.

Popular in the 1970s and 1980s, the Friddle was featured in Cottage Life magazine and soon after was the main attraction on the then popular PBS fishing show Rod & Reel. Interest was sparked for the Friddle, and sales literally came in from around the world.

Now, the next two generations have decided that the Friddle is too good to be ignored. Led by Susan (Graves) Curran, the family, still residing in Kingston, is ready to get the Friddle into every home and cottage.