Cook 8 grilled cheese! Make breakfast for the whole family! Cooking just became easier, cleaner, and more convenient. The Friddle combines a premium non-stick cooking surface with consistent heat distribution. On the stovetop, in the oven, on the BBQ, over the campfire; the Friddle is perfect for all your cooking needs. The Friddle is easy to use and easy to clean!
For Stovetops, Ovens, BBQs & Campfires
Durable & Long Lasting
Made in Canada

Colin Y., Brampton Ontario
"Once you own a Friddle, you'll wonder how you survived before you had one. It is the perfect kitchen tool and its versatility is unmatched. I have given the Friddle to many people as wedding, housewarming and thank-you gifts and inevitably, after a month or so of use, I always get a call from them asking where they can purchase one for a friend or family member. I have two Friddle's in my house and two in my cottage!"

Kim L., Ottawa Ontario
"Our Friddle is a "must have" in our kitchen! We use it for everything from cooking up a pound of bacon to making pancakes for the whole family. My son wouldn't leave for college without his own! Everyone should have a Friddle for the home or cottage! Makes a great housewarming or wedding gift!"

Jennifer C., Kingston Ontario
"Whether we are driving to PEI with the family, camping in Algonquin park with the kids, or relaxing up at Buck Lake with our friends, the Friddle is always the first thing we pack in the car. We couldn't survive without it. I've used mine for 10 years and it still looks brand new!"